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Steamliner is a VR Escape Room Adventure inside the carriages of a Victorian train flying through space. Each carriage has a different experience, from classic escape room puzzles to physics-defying surrealistic scenarios.

Tired of your daily routine? Same view every day? Well, come work for us at SL Unlimited Corp! What are we saying, work? We could hardly call it that when you will be boarding our quantum light speed express train experience extravaganza! See worlds you have never imagined!

What do we need from you? Just have fun... And a signed contract, since you’ll be preparing all of our carriages, in order to make sure accommodations are ready for our dear customers!

Full 360 VR
The levels are designed with 360 degrees in mind, the player is able to move, turn and interact with objects anyway he wants.

" Prepare to be challenged by out of the box solutions."
- Sir Cristopher Stewart the Second

Medium size room is recommended.
Ideally 3x3 metres


v1.3 | June 5th
- Main menu revamp;
- Updated some 3D models;
- Bug fixes and improvements.

v1.2.5 | April 29th
- Added locomotion option;
- Oculus Quest Support;
- EULA interaction tutorial;
- "Crack It" level reworked;
- Bug fixes and improvements.

The version in this page is only compatible with the Oculus Quest.
Sideload through ADB or SideQuest.

Instructions on how to use SideQuest here

Also available on

Steamliner Diamond


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this Oculus Quest game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Steamliner_1.3_Quest.apk 290 MB


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I am having so much fun with this game but am stuck on the sabotage level. I've cut the wire but don't know what to do with the black crystal. Please help. 

Update : finally figured it out! Great game. Too short. 😔 


It's not working on Quest 2 :( 

Hi Sacha, thanks for the kind words! Steamliner is now compatible with the Quest 2 :D

Wow !

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Nice game, I like it. I am stuck tho...
I have cleaned up the carriage after the shooting target practice, and I can't see anything else I can do/touch. The voiceover asked me if I was "...going to steal that?" and says that "it" looks good on me! I'm wondering if I'm wearing a hat that I can take off and hang on the other peg?

Due to missing bits in other (paid for) side-loaded games, I have to ask this just in case. Is there a bug?


Edit: I was eventually able to remove the hat from my head. I tried for about 10 mins, then quit the game and tried again, then quit and tried again... took me over 20 mins to take the hat off!!!

Hi! Currently we haven't come across that bug, but we will try to reproduce and fix it on our next update. Thank you for not giving up!

I completed the game yesterday. Aside from the issue I experienced, this was a really nice effort, with some great level design re. escape room puzzles :)

How do you move? I can't complete the tutorial because the light switch is in my real world wall.

Found it... you need to click the thumb stick, point it at the floor then let go.

Only thing holding me back now is my puzzle solving skills :p

Thank you for playing and posting your solution to that problem, hopefully it will help others in that situation.

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fab game I need more escape rooms

Thanks for playing and we are glad that you enjoyed it :D


Just downloaded and played this morning. It was very enjoyable and loved the atmosphere. The action control was a little weird when opening a certain box at the end and I didn't know locomotion was an option until the end. My only other complaint was that I wish there was more of it :)

Thank you for playing! We will hopefully add more content in the upcoming months.